4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Glamping Tents

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Glamping Tents

Start-up glamping businesses have lots of big decisions to make – decisions that will define the type of business they are and the type of audience they attract. On top of formulating a business plan, budget, and financial projections, they have to find the best site location for their business and, of course, invest in buying glamping tents (glamp tents).

Regarding glamp tents for sale in Australia, there’s no vast selection to choose between, but those available differ significantly. They vary in price, size, style, and quality. Knowing which glamping tent to buy can be one of the most challenging decisions of all –A LOT rides on choosing the best glamp tents for your budget, vision, and target audience.

Buying glamping tents is a significant investment, one of the biggest you will make for your new business, so you don’t want to choose the wrong ones or have any regrets.

As glamp tent manufacturers, we’ve done our due diligence and studied all the glamp tents for sale in Australia. We know the market well, and we know not only our audience well but your audience well. We also know what mistakes to avoid when buying glamping tents in Australia, which we will share with you today.

Going too big too soon

As glamp tent manufacturers, although we’d love you to purchase only our biggest and best glamping tents, it would be a mistake to do so this early on in your business’s lifespan. As a start-up glamping business, it’s essential to be realistic and conservative in the initial start-up and opening stages. You don’t want to create more debt than you can repay.

Start by buying a handful of glamping tent as opposed to 10 or more and get your name out there. The first 6-12 months are crucial, and you don’t want to hemorrhage expenses where they’re not needed. You have to build an audience before you can have a high occupancy rate.

While glamping tents are cheaper than eco cabins, they’re still a significant investment. As mentioned in my earlier article, ‘Tips for Running a Luxury Glamping Business’, once the business is going well, you can reinvest back into it and expand.

Although you’re still in the start-up phases, I recommend you give this article a read as it provides insight on what you might be up against in the future and can help you start planning ahead today.

Trying to be your competition

One of the biggest mistakes we see new glamping businesses make is mimicking an existing glamping business – buying the same glamping tents, the same configuration, the same setup. Don’t make this mistake. Chances are, they’re well-known for who they are and what they do and unless you’re willing to offer your glamp tents at much lower rates, you won’t win over their audience.

Therefore, look around to see all the various glamping tents for sale and choose less common ones such as our Eco Tents. Bell tents are the norm, but they’re also just that, normal. Offer something different, something more interesting (and better designed!).

Our Eco Tents present something refreshing to the glamping tent market. They’re the most robust glamping tent money can buy, and they offer many customisation options to make them your own. They make an excellent first impression and offer an added level of luxury that other glamp tents for sale can’t live up to.

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Choosing glamp tents all the same size

Now, I know I said going too big too soon can be a mistake, but you also don’t want to get only the cheapest / all the same size tents. Guests come in various form, and so should your tents. Unless you’re planning to be an exclusive couples retreat, you will need to cater for all types of guests; singles, couples, families, and groups. Therefore, you will need tents of various sizes.

You don’t want to have tents that only cater to couples, nor do you want tents that only cater to families and groups. If you only cater to couples, you will miss out on a major slice of the revenue pie. If you only have large tents, then it will discourage couples because the nightly rate for a large glamp tent will likely be more than what they can get a couple’s tent for from your competition.

Therefore, when buying glamping tents, it’s important to consider your demographics and target audience and then choose glamp tents for sale based on your conclusion.

You can always choose the base model for each size and then reinvest back into them at a later date to add more luxurious features like decks, ensuite pods, hot tubs etc.

Our Eco Tents were designed with all guest types in mind. We have Standard Type 1 and Standard Type 2 Tents, which are ideal for singles and couples. Then we have the Family Tent and Family Plus Tent that cater towards families and larger groups.

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Buying glamp tents based on price alone

Yes, being conservative in terms of budget is a smart idea for a start-up glamping business, but you also have to be realistic. It’s a thin line between not over splurging and providing glamping tents that live up to guests expectations.

Cheap isn’t always the best option. After all, glamping is all about luxury. If they wanted a cheap tent, they would go camping. But the most luxurious might not be the best option also. Remember, you don’t want to go too big too soon.

Buying glamping tents is a little like Goldilocks And The Three Bears; you need to find glamping tents that are just right.

It’s essential to consider your target audience – their needs-and the type of glamping business you want to be. Compare the various glamp tents for sale and weigh up the pros and cons of each.

Look beyond the price and focus more on the experience they will offer your guests. Think about their design, their construction.

Does the glamp tent’s design allow guests to utilise the entire footprint of the tent? Meaning, can they walk from wall to wall or are they are conical in shape; therefore, only the tent’s central area provides usable and pacable space? You want to offer tents that provide maximum use of the tent’s footprint. Tents that allow you to furnish them with the luxuries guest’s expect (and also some surprises; tents that will enable your guests to walk around them, stretch their legs, and feel as though they’re in a home-away-from-home, even though they’re “camping”. After all, that’s what glamping is all about.

Does the tent’s construction look like it will withstand the weather elements typical for your site location? If your site is perched high on a hillside, for example, it’s likely to experience high winds. Will it keep guests comfortable? Does it have insulation properties, or will guests sweater in the summer and freeze in winter?

You don’t want to choose glamping tents that are more comfortable with your budget if they are not suitable for your location. You need to always think of the guests first and ensure your decision is in line with the quality of service and type of experience you want to offer to your guests.

I recommend you have a read of ‘Which Glamping Tent Is Best: Safari, Bell Or Teepee Tents?’ so you have a better understanding of the types of glamping tents available.


Buying glamping tents in Australia is no easy task. Although the range is limited, it is vast. No two glamping tent manufacturers offer the same glamp tents for sale; they all differ in terms of type, size, price, and quality. It’s a big decision to make and one that you can easily get wrong.

To ensure you buy the best glamping tents for your business; tents that not only meet your budget but meet the expectations of your guests and a successful business model, avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Don’t go too big too soon – start small, and when your business is doing well, then you can reinvest back into it
  • Don’t try to be your competition – be unique, offer a glamping experience that isn’t already out there
  • Don’t choose glamp tents all the same size – your guests will not be all the same; therefore your tents shouldn’t be all the same. Cater for singles, couples, families, and groups to maximise your revenue
  • Don’t buy glamp tents based on price alone – although the cheapest glamping tents for sale may be tempting, they may not suit the needs or expectations of your guests. They also may not provide the longevity needed to be a truly profitable (and long term) investment.

Before buying any glamping tents, be sure to look at our impressive glamping tent range. We have considered all the factors mentioned in this article and have created what we believe to be Australia’s best glamping tents. Call our sales team on +61 418 717 197 to learn more.

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