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The Eco Tent has been designed to provide cost-effective accommodation for luxury retreats, resorts, holiday parks, caravan parks and camping grounds. Four formats are available to accommodate varied guest numbers; from a couple to a family. The different sizes allow accommodation providers to offer a flexible rate structure.

Standard Type 1 Eco Tent

Standard Type 1 Tent

The Standard Type 1 Tent is perfect for couples. It features two roll-down /zip-close windows on each side, a roll-down/zip-close window in the rear, and a large roll-up/zip-close opening at the front.

Tent: 3.5m (w) x 4.5m (l)
Optional Deck: 5.1m (w) x 7.3m (l)

Standard Type 2 Tent

The Standard Type 2 Tent offers all the features of the Standard Type 1 Tent, except it is larger in size. There is plenty of room for a double bed, side tables and two armchairs or a couch.

Tent: 3.5m (w) x 5.5m (l)
Optional Deck: 5.1m (w) x 7.3m (l)

Family Eco Tent

Family Tent

The Family Tent is ideal for families. It features three roll-down/zip-close windows on each side, a roll-down/zip-close window in the rear, and a large roll-up/zip-close opening at the front. There is plenty of room for a double bed, single bed, sofa lounge, or bunk beds for the kids.

Tent: 3.5m (w) x 6.5m (l)
Optional Deck: 5.1m (w) x 9.3m (l)

Family Plus Eco Tent

Family Plus Tent

The Family Tent Plus offers all the benefits of the standard Family Tent with the added benefit of additional space, which is ideal for the optional Ensuite Pod.

Tent: 3.5m (w) x 7.5m (l)
Optional Deck: 5.1m (w) x 9.3m (l)

Additional Information

  • Manufacturing

    Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our glamping tents, including Australian Made commercial grade shade cloth, waterproof fabric and the highest quality Australian Made canvas.

    There are 2 key designed roof systems which are as follows:

    Dual Layer Roof System:  positioned to create air-flow, combined with the tent roof gives a 3 layer system offering great insulation from the elements.

    • The top layer is made from an Australian made commercial grade shade cloth. This provides shade and reduces heat build-up within the eco tent structure.
    • The intermediate layer is a waterproof membrane, which provides protection from the elements.
    • The bottom layer is the roof of the Eco Tent, which is made from the highest quality Australian made canvas.

    Single Layer PVC Membrane System: combined with the tent roof, gives a dual layer roof system.

    • The top layer is a 580 – 630gsm Architectural PVC membrane with PVDF lacquer to ensure a long life span and good cleanability.
    • The membrane has a tensioning system that ensures the membrane can be installed to the required tension to ensure water run-off.
    • This system is extremely easy to install and is perfect of high temperature or remote areas.

    All other components of our glamping tents, including insect mesh, zips and hardware are sourced locally and are of the highest quality.

  • Frame & Roof System

    The Eco Tent glamping tent is available in three frame and roof system opinions:

    V2 – Frame w/ Outriggers for Extra Coverage w/ Dual Layer Roof System
    MV2 – Frame w/ Outriggers for Extra Coverage w/ Single Layer Tension Membrane PVC Roof System

    V2 MV2

  • Decking Options

    The Eco Tent glamping tent offers decking as an optional addon. Decking is available in two sizes: 5.1m x 7.3m and 5.1m x 9.7m

    deck 5.1m x 7.3m deck 5.1m x 9.7m

    Eco Tents Australia use a composite timber decking that is manufactured using a high percentage of recycled materials, and therefore, offers far greater sustainability than timber.

    Our composite decking has UV stabilisation and is termite, mould and water resistant resulting in durable & hard-wearing decking material. It provides the look and feel of timber, but has a far superior life span with minimal maintenance.

  • Installation

    The Eco Tent is supplied in kit format and can easily be installed on-site by a handyman or tradesman. A full turnkey installation service is available by our team at Eco Tents Australia.

  • Conditions

    Foundations, footings and support posts are not provided as they are site-specific.

    Council approval may be required. The rule for obtaining council approval can vary from one council to another, as many of them have different regulations regarding decking assembly, minimum deck height above ground level, etc. It is recommended the customer check with their local Council.

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