Eco Tent ‘Daintree’ model

Introducing the new
Eco Tent ‘Daintree’ model

After many years of manufacturing and working with customers, we have developed the Daintree version of our Eco tent. With key features added to make glamping more comfortable in the Australian environment, we have added the following:

  • Full alloy frame which can be powder coated;
  • A wider internal floor space was (3.5m wide, now 4.8m wide);
  • A quality PVC base skirt for protection from ground moisture;
  • Bathroom and kitchenette/mountain bike storeroom;
  • Full PVC walls and ceiling in a bathroom;
  • The canvas tent walls are detachable and great to dismantle for off-season or repair;
  • Our new sail track frame includes space for conduit and electrical wiring to be hidden within the walls of the tent;

The new Daintree eco tent has all the inclusions to make your glamping business user-friendly in the long run.