Which Glamping Tent Is Best: Safari, Bell or Teepee Tents?

Which Glamping Tent Is Best: Safari, Bell or Teepee Tents?

Glamping has certainly made strides over the past few years, and now with the COVID-19 forced travel restrictions set upon us, its popularity is increasing exponentially. Such rapid growth is tempting many accommodations provides to introduce glamping options to guests and creating new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking to introduce glamping to guests of your holiday park, caravan park, luxury retreat, resort, camping ground, or winery, or you’re looking to embark on a new glamping business, you’ll need to invest in glamping tents.

If you’ve done any research into glamping tents for sale in Australia, you’ll see that there are only a few options available: safari tents, bell tents, and teepee tents. Each is unique and present different advantages and disadvantages, which we will be looking at today.

Continue reading to discover which glamping tent is best out of safari tents, bell tents, and teepee tents.

Safari tents

Spicers Canopy Eco Tents

The Eco Tent – a popular safari tent from Eco Tents Australia

Safari tents are the grandest of all glamping tents. Shaped more like a standard tent, but on a much larger scale, safari tents are supported by a  metal frame, making them robust and incredibly sturdy.

Advantages of Safari Tents

Safari tents the most durable type of glamping tent and will provide the best longevity. They’re available in large sizes and are suitable for couples and families. Their entire footprint is usable space. As such, they provide the highest level of flexibility in terms of bedding configuration and the largest amount of pacing space (100%).

Safari tents such as our range of Eco Tents offer various add-on features to make them more luxurious, allowing for additional rates based on the level of luxury offered.

Disadvantages of Safari Tents

Safari tents don’t have any disadvantages per se. If compared to bell tents and teepee tents, the only drawback is their price. They are more expensive. But they are a much higher quality product and will last a lot longer.

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Bell tents

bell tents

Bell tents are attractive and affordable, but their smaller size limits the number of guests and the possibility for luxury add-on features.

Advantages of Bell Tents

Bell tents are a popular choice due to their affordability and popularity with millennials. They are ideal for couples and are quick and easy to erect. They look great and are the quintessential glamping tent.

Disadvantages of Bell Tents

Bell tents present various disadvantages. Their structure relies on a centre post support, limiting the use of the space and the configuration of the tent. Moreover, they are conical in shape; therefore, only the tent’s central area provides usable and pacable space. The A-frame prevents guests from being able to utilise the entire footprint of the tent.

Bell tents are also generally small in size and are not suitable for families or groups of guests. As such, they lack the ability to add luxury features such as private bathrooms etc.

They are not strong in construction and may not withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall.

To find out more about the pros and cons of bell tents and safari tents, be sure to read my earlier article, Safari Tents Vs Bell Tents – Which is Better?.

Teepee tents

Teepee tents are similar to bell tents in terms of their shape and design, and thus they offer fairly similar pros and cons. However, they are less common.

Advantages of Teepee Tents

Like bell tents, teepee tents are very economical. They’re actually the cheapest of all glamping tents. They’ve very easy to erect and provide instant accommodation. They are unobstructed in the centre and don’t require the support of a centre pole.

Disadvantages of Teepee Tents

Teepee tents don’t resonate with glamping. They lack windows, airflow and provide no external view with the teepee is closed. They are usually small in size. Thus, they are only suitable for singles and couples and offer little usable space within the tent itself. In some cases, no pacing space – just enough space for the beds.

They are not robust or sturdy and will likely succumb to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall.


If you’re looking to offer glamping in your accommodation establishment or create a glamping business, then you will need to choose a glamping tent.

Safari tents are the most durable, long-lasting option that provides the best chance for maximising your ROI. Bell tents and teepee tents are both affordable options for short-term uses. Which is best for you depend on how much you can afford upfront and how mong you want your glamping tents to last.

If you’re leaning towards safari tents, then be sure to look at our Eco Tents. They’re Australian made and offer excellent add-on features like sliding glass doors, ensuite pods, and decks. Click here to view our range or call our sales team on +61 418 717 197 for more information on our Eco Tent range.

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