What is a Cabin Tent

What is a Cabin Tent

If you’re looking to venture into the world of glamping, open a little accommodation lodging business on the side or add a new accommodation option to an already established lodging business, then a cabin tent is something that you might want to look into; closely!

While a cabin tent may not be familiar to you and may not be the first accommodation option that comes to mind, they offer significant advantages. They are quickly becoming a preferred tent option, especially in the glamping industry, and for many reasons.

At Eco Tents Australia, we design and manufacture what we believe to be Australia’s best cabin tent range, and today, we’d like to explain to you what a cabin tent is and why you should choose to invest in cabin tents for your new business venture.

So, What is a Cabin Tent?

Cabin Tent

Cabin tents are more commonly known as safari tents. They’re somewhere between a cabin and a tent; they offer all the comfort and convenience of a traditional cabin, yet they provide a ‘sleeping under the stars’ experience like a tent.

Cabin tents are designed to be a more robust, more permanent accommodation option than traditional camping tents. They are also more sturdy than bell tents, which are the typical “glamping tent”. However, unlike actual cabins, typically made from timber, cabin tents are made from canvas or another weatherproof material. They are, however, constructed, which is more like a cabin rather than pitched, like a tent.

Why Choose a Cabin Tent over a Bell Tent?

A cabin tent offers many benefits over a bell tent.

First are the design benefits. A cabin tent has vertical walls, making 100% of the tent’s footprint is usable space. Meaning; guests can walk around the entire tent without any obstructions. Bell tents and teepees are conical in shape, meaning they taper in at the top. Bell tents also rely on a centre post for support. Due to these design elements, guests can only utilise the tent centre (at their head height) but cannot use the very centre of the tent where the pole support is positioned. This not only limits the tent’s footprint is usable space, but it limits how furniture can be placed within the tent.

In addition to the design, cabin tents, as mentioned, are also more robust than bell tents. Their sturdiness steams for their construction. They are built with a solid foundation (so furniture and guest’s belongings are not sitting on the ground), and a steel frame supports the roof and walls. Bell tents only have the centre support post and ropes keeping them up and are more likely to collapse under intense weather conditions than cabin tents.

Cabin tents are also square or rectangular, more like a cabin. Their shape and footprint mean they are also better suited for larger groups, such as families. They can be configured with multiple beds and an array of furnishings, including bedsides, a table setting, sofa, television etc. Moreover, they can be fitted with added luxuries such as an ensuite pod to provide guests with a private toilet and shower.

Why Choose a Cabin Tent over a Cabin?

The main reason to choose a cabin tent over a cabin is the cost benefits. A cabin tent is much cheaper to buy than it is to have a cabin constructed – it could be as much as half the price.

Cabin tents are also much quicker to construct. For example, our Eco Tents take about one week to fully complete, whereas you could be looking at months for a traditional cabin. You also have to consider the additional building development permit and approvals needed to build a traditional cabin.


Whether you’re looking to venture into the world of glamping, open a little accommodation lodging business on the side or add a new accommodation option to an already established lodging business, cabin tents are one of the best accommodation options to choose.

Somewhere between a cabin and a tent, cabin tents maximise the tent’s footprint, allow for various guest types and configurations, are more robust than bell tents and more affordable than traditional cabins. And, they only take about one week to construct!

If you’d like to learn more about cabin tents, view our range of tents here or contact our sales team on +61 418 717 197.

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