Best Site Locations For Eco Cabins

Best Site Locations For Eco Cabins

If you’re looking to venture into the ecotourism or glamping industries, then you will know that two major components will set you apart from your competition. One is the eco cabin itself; the other is the site location.

Eco cabins are suitable for all environments and locations, but whether the site is desirable to potential guests is what matters the most. You can buy the best eco cabins for sale, but unless it’s in a great location, you’re only offering half the experience.

Ecotourism and glamping promote the environment. They’re about connecting the indoors with the outdoors with harmonious balance. Therefore, you can’t have one without the other. Your site location has to be just as good as the eco cabins/glamping cabins you have to offer.

Now, the best eco cabins for sale, that we can help you with, but the best site location is all on you. Well, not all on you. We can help you in that respect by sharing some of the best site locations with you.

Rainforest Retreat

The average glamping guest looking for an eco cabin getaway is likely after a tropical rainforest setting, with lush green landscapes that they can get lost in and retreat from everyday life. For this reason, a rainforest is the best site location for eco cabins/glamping cabins. Rainforests are the perfect environment to be at one with nature. Aside from the gorgeous greenery and foliage surrounding the eco cabins, they provide an amazing live soundtrack of rainforest noises; humming, thrumming, buzzing and chirping.

Coastal Escapes

Eco cabins are also a preferable and welcome accommodation choice for metropolitans looking for a relaxing coastal escape. Coastal areas with lush surrounds and beach views, or better, on the beach, are desirable to guests, especially if you can offer ‘beachfront views’ or ‘in walking distance to the beach’ as a feature. Guests can listen to waves breaking, watch winds roll over the sands and walk along the beach, relaxing and unwinding.

National Parks

Like rainforests, national parks offer the perfect location for eco cabin businesses. National parks offer all the beauty and serenity of a rainforest. They usually provide secluded areas nestled away from other civilisation, providing the peace and tranquillity that guests expect of an eco cabin. National parks are also very environmentally conscious, which further helps to promote the “eco” message.

Mountainous Ranges

Picture a row of eco cabins/glamping cabins perched high in the mountains, showcasing spectacular views across a range or valley. It’s breathtaking views such as this – in settings such as this – that are perfect for eco cabins. Eco mountain cabins are growing in popularity across Australia. They offer the ideal environment for anyone looking to escape everyday life and holiday in eco-style.

Outback Landscapes

Sparse outback landscapes with rich red land make for the perfect eco cabin site location. While lush green landscapes are generally associated with the term “eco”, that doesn’t mean baron lands can offer just as good of an experience to guests. An eco cabin/glamping cabin – or eco-experience – can be anywhere, providing sustainability is a focal point of the operation. And, outback landscapes can be just as beautiful and desirable as rainforests, especially now, when more Australians want to get out and experience more of what Australia has to offer.


The truth is, there is no one best site location for eco cabins in Australia; there’s a bunch of them. Rainforest retreats, coastal escapes, national parks, mountainous ranges, and outback landscapes are all excellent site locations to set up an eco cabin/glamping business.

The key ingredient lies in the beauty, secludedness, and tranquillity of the setting. If you can create an environment that offers these three things, you have the perfect location for eco cabins.

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