Why Our Canvas Tents Are Australia’s Best!

Why Our Canvas Tents Are Australia’s Best!

Whether you’re looking to start-up a glamping business, extend your current glamping capacity, or extend your existing accommodation business to include glamping, you will need to make one essential investment: the purchasing of your glamping tents.

Glamping tents come in various types, shapes, and sizes, which we discussed in detail in our Ultimate Glamping Tent Buying Guide. Today, we’re going to focus on our very own canvas tents, which are a hot commodity for glamping establishments, big and small.

Eco Tents Australia has quickly made a name for itself in the glamping tent manufacture world with its quality canvas tents. Continue reading to discover the benefits of choosing our canvas glamping tents over the alternatives and why we believe ours to be the best in Australia.

Quality Manufacturing

Ect Tents Australia didn’t just jump on the ‘glamping bus’ and decide to get into the canvas manufacturing industry overnight! Eco Tents Australia is a subsidiary company to Australian-owned Copelands & Pickers, which have been manufacturing quality canvas products since 1948!

We not only have the needed skills to understand how to best work with canvas to deliver the very best product, but we also have state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best quality manufacturing.

Made for the Australian Elements

The Eco Tent isn’t your average tent. While bell tents and teepee tents are very simple in design, our canvas tents are not. More along the lines of a safari tent, our canvas tents feature a robust support structure and multiple layers of roofing to keep guests cool in hot climates and warm in cool climates. This insulation comes from two strategically designed roofing options; our dual-layer roof system and our single layer PVC membrane system, which overlays the tent roof.

We understand that your guest’s comfort is paramount. It’s what distinguishes glamping from camping, which is why we invested a great deal into developing the best canvas tent for Australia’s varying weather elements.

Learn more about our canvas tents in our An Introduction to the ECO Tent (PDF).

Four Great Tent Designs

Along with the robust support structure and multiple layers of roofing for insulation, the overall design of our canvas tents is impressive and versatile. Regardless of your budget and the scale of your glamping business, you will find a suitable fit in our range.

Our canvas tents consist of the Standard Type 1 Tent, Standard Type 2 Tent, the Family Tent, and the Family Plus Tent. The Standard Type 1 & 2 Tent is ideal for couples, with Type 2 being the larger of the two. The Family & Family Plus Tent is for families and groups. They comfortably fit a double and single bed with furniture, and the Family Plus Tent offers the additional option of an ensuite pod (see customisation options below)

Customisation Options for Added Luxury

By default, the Eco Tent is the epitome of a luxury glamping tent, but with available customisation options, you can turn our standard canvas tents into something even more impressive to guests (and profitable to you!).

Our customisation options include a deck add-on, a glass sliding entry door, and an ensuite pod (Family Plus Tent only). As mentioned, these add-ons elevate the standard Eco Tent to be amongst the most luxurious glamping tents money can buy.


When it comes to investing in a glamping business, having great glamping tents can be the difference between success and failure. To ensure you give your glamping business the best chance of succeeding, choose our luxurious canvas tents.

The Eco Tent is manufactured in Australia by a team with more than 70-years of experience in canvas manufacturing behind them. It is designed to provide comfort in all Australian weather conditions and is available in four great designs to meet all budgets and businesses scales. We also offer a range of luxury customisation options to make our canvas tents some of Australia’s most luxurious.

For more a quote or future information on our canvas tents, please contact our sales representative on +61 418 717 197. Alternatively, you may complete our online quote request.

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