Safari Tents Vs Teepee Tents – Which is Better?

Safari Tents Vs Teepee Tents – Which is Better?

Whether you’re looking to extend your existing accommodation business by introducing glamping or creating a new glamping business, one of the most important decisions to make is the type of glamping tent.

Your choice of glamping tent can define your business. It can attract customers to your business. It can also limit your business. Thus, choosing the right glamping tent is essential.

A couple of weeks ago, we put safari tents heads to head with bell tents, and not that we’re at all biased (much), but safari tents came out as the clear winners. Today, we’re putting the carry over champions up against another popular glamping option, teepee tents.

Which will come out on top? Well, let’s start by looking at a simple overview of the offerings again:

 Safari TentsTeePee Tents
MaterialCotton CanvasCotton Canvas
Pacing Space5-Star2-star
Overall Rating5-Star3-star

A simply overview clearly puts safari tents ahead of teepee tents, but that’s not to say they’re not right for you. They’re just a better quality product. Continue reading to discover the benefits and disadvantages of safari tents and teepee tents.

Safari Tents

Spicers Canopy Eco Tents

Eco Tent Australia’s Safari Tent (Eco Tent)

Safari tents are the most luxurious of all glamping tent options.

Best suited for:

  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups

Safari Tent Pros

Safari tents are stronger and more robust in design than teepees. They’re supported by a durable steel frame fixed to a permanent foundation. Thus, they provide excellent longevity and are ideal for businesses looking to offer glamping as a long-term form of glamping accommodation. Their design withstands strong winds and rain and will fare much better than teepees in more server weather conditions.

Safari tents are also much larger than teepees and feature parallel walls, meaning 100% of the footprint is usable space, and guests can walk around the entire tent – not just the centre area. Moreover, the large space lends well to various bedding configurations. The larger safari tents, such as our Family Plus Tent, is so large it can accommodate a double bed, bunk bed, sofa, armchairs, bedside tables, TV, and even an optional private bathroom. These facilities enhance a guests glamping experience and allow property manages to charge more for such additional luxury.

Safari Tent Cons

The only cons of safari tents compared to teepees is their price and additional installation time. As mentioned, they are substantially greater in construction and offer far greater longevity, which comes at a cost. A single safari tent will take one day to construct.

TeePee Tents

teepee tents

Teepee tents are the most cost-effective glamping tent due to their simplistic design and construction. There is very little to them, just poles and canvas.

Best suited for:

  • Couples

Teepee Tent Pros

Teepees are a great option for those looking to start a glamping business on a budget. They’re incredibly affordable compared to safari tents. Their quick and easy installation and temporary nature make them great for passing events such as festivals, but not so great as a long-term glamping accommodation option.

They perform well in the wind and fairly well in the rain but may struggle during heavy weather.

Teepee Tent Cons

Teepee tents are inferior to safari tents in terms of quality and robustness. They can’t be expected to offer the same durability or longevity and won’t withstand the same weather conditions.

They are also much smaller in size, making them only suitable for singles and couples. As the design is conical, only the centre peak provides usable space where guests can stand tall. As such, teepees are very limited in terms of what features you can fit into them beyond a bed.

The ability to profit from teepees is limited due to their many restrictions.


If you’re thinking of introducing glamping as an accommodation option at your holiday park, caravan park, luxury retreat, resort, camping ground, winery, or property, and you’re tossing up whether to invest in safari tents or teepee tents, consider the following:

Safari tents are more expensive up-front but offer greater longevity and a greater chance for a higher return on investment.

Teepees are much cheaper and great for passing events such as festivals, but not so great as a long-term glamping accommodation option. They don’t have the structure or strength to stand up to the quality presented by safari tents.

If you’re interested in safari tents, get in touch with Eco Tents Australia. We manufacture high-quality Australian made safari tents that provide excellent longevity and high ROI opportunities.

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