Luxury Tent Vs Eco Huts Which is Better?

Luxury Tent Vs Eco Huts Which is Better?

Choosing the type of lodging for your upcoming ecotourism or glamping business venture is a significant task – do you choose luxury tents or eco huts? Your choice will significantly define how your business is categorised and the type of guests you attract.

The ecotourism and glamping accommodation sectors are two of the fastest-growing sectors within the accommodation industry, not only here in Australia but across the globe. The sudden rise in popularity of ecotourism and glamping is greatly due to COVID-19. We can’t travel overseas, but we can travel within our own country, and it seems that people are embracing this in a big way.

Visiting Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast is old. They’ve already ‘been there, done that’. What they haven’t done is get to know our country on a more intimate level; explore unchartered areas; to be one with nature. Ecotourism and glamping offer such an experience. But, which experience will you offer? Do you want to be known as an ecotourism business or a glamping business, or both?

Choosing between luxury tents and eco huts will help distinguish your business from being either an ecotourism or glamping business. However, that doesn’t mean an ecotourism business can’t use luxury tents and a glamping business cant use eco huts. The right choice ultimately comes down to the price, quality, and expected lifespan of the lodging.

Let’s look at both luxury tents and eco huts so you can decide

Luxury Tents

Holiday Park Glamp Tent with Deck

A luxury tent can be defined as many things. It can be any bell tent, teepee, or safari tent that offers the level of luxury expected from a glamping tent. However, the luxury tent’s mentioned, bell tents, teepees, and safari tents, are all quite different from one another (see Which Glamping Tent Is Best: Safari, Bell Or Teepee Tents?). They vary in price, shape, size, and quality, which in a way is a good thing, as you’re sure to find a luxury tent to meet any budget.

Luxury tents are quick to pitch or construct, which can be a real benefit. Bell tents and teepees take mere hours, while safari tents like our luxury safari take about one week to complete. As such, you probably don’t need a building permit, which is another significant benefit.

The cost of a luxury tent, while they vary greatly, is much cheaper than the cost of having an eco hut or other permanent cabin built. And, for those looking to start an ecotourism business, you’ll be pleased to know that some luxury tents are also very eco-friendly.

Take our luxury safari tents, for example! Their design promotes the environment and helps reduce our reliance on electricity. It offers large volumes of natural light and creates a cooling and warming system through its eco-friendly design. Additionally, we offer optional composite decking, which is made from a high percentage of recycled materials.

Eco Huts

eco huts

An eco hut can also be defined as many things. It can be an eco cabin, eco villa, or eco hut. Like glamping tents, you expect eco huts to deliver a level of luxury, but this is not their focus. The emphasis is on sustainability and being environmentally friendly.

Eco huts are a permanent structure that requires licenced and qualified builders to construct. As such, they also require building approval from your local council. Being a permanent structure, eco huts will last the test of time, but this comes at a cost. They are much more expensive than luxury tents but better withstand the weather elements.

Eco huts are popular choices for ecotourism businesses. Still, they are also a popular choice for high-end glamping businesses – usually those that steam from an existing accommodation business – because they can withstand all weather conditions and require little maintenance.


Deciding between luxury tents and eco huts can be a tough decision. Still, ultimately, it will come down to your budget, the level of maintenance you want to take on, and the lifespan you expect to receive from your lodging.

If you’re a start-up business or on a budget, then luxury tents such as our luxury safari tents will be the better choice, regardless of whether you’re opening an ecotourism or glamping business. However, if money is no object and you’re looking for a permanent structure, consider investing in eco huts.

If you’d like to learn more about luxury tents or are looking for something between a bell tent and an eco hut, our luxury safari tents will fit the bill.

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