How To Choose a Safari Tent

How To Choose a Safari Tent

How To Choose a Safari Tent

So you’re looking to getting into the fast-growing glamping industry? Well, you’re making a wise decision! Given the current caravan and camping trends and continued travel restrictions, there’s never been a better time to capitalise on glamping. And, by choosing safari tents over other glamping tent options, you’re setting yourself up for a long and prosperous ride.

Eco Tents Australia are safari tent manufacturers and have deep roots in the textile industry. Our parent company, Copelands & Pickers, has been producing quality canvas products since 1948, and our Eco Tents are just another extension of our expansive product line. Thus, when it comes to knowing what to look for when choosing safari tents, as manufactures, we have our fingers on the pulse.

There are many safari tents on the market, all clouting to be high in quality. But what precisely do you need to look for? To avoid making a bad decision based on good marketing, we will share the key factors to consider when choosing a safari tent. Following these suggestions will help to ensure you invest in the best tents possible.


Safari tents come in many sizes, from small tents for one or two people to larger tents that can accommodate an entire family. Before you settle on what size tents to invest in, consider your target audience. If your niche is a couples retreat, you can afford to only invest in small tents. However, if you want to attract all guest types, choosing safari tents that come in various sizes to accommodate singles, couples, families, and groups will be beneficial.


The materials and fabrics used in the manufacturing of the safari tent play a critical role in its longevity. It’s not enough to trust that they’re made from “high-quality canvas”. You want to find the precise materials and their gsm – Grams per Square Metre, which is used to measure the weight of the fabric. The higher the gsm, the more robust the fabric.

We use only the very best materials in our Eco Tents and are proud to say we use Australian made 370gsm proofed canvas for our tent walls. And your choice of roofing – either Australian made commercial grade shade cloth with a layer or a waterproof membrane or a 580 – 630gsm Architectural PVC membrane with PVDF. Each fabric offers between 5 and 15 years warranty, which is what you should be looking for from your prospective safari tents.


Providing a watertight glamping experience is essential to keep guests happy during poor weather. Cotton canvas may be the best material for safari tents, but naturally, it is not waterproof. It requires a waterproof membrane, such as that offered in our Eco Tents, to ensure weatherproofing.

Check the materials to see if they feature a waterproof membrane or a PVC membrane.

Construction & Installation

You want longevity from your investment. With glamping tents, this delivered from the fabric used in manufacturing and the construction and installation of the tents. The better they are constructed, the longer they will last.

Safari tents that offer excellent longevity are constructed from a metal frame that is attached to a foundation. Eco Tents are a great example of such construction. Moreover, you want to choose safari tents from a company is offers the choice of turnkey installation or DIY installation. Again, Eco Tents Australia offers such options.


Choosing a safari tent for your new glamping endeavours should never be based on design or flashy marketing material. It should only be based on the tents merits – how well they’re manufactured, constructed, and the longevity they provide.

Some of the key factors to consider to avoid selecting the wrong safari tents include the available sizes of the tents, the quality and gsm of the material, whether the material used is waterproof, and whether they provide both DIY and turnkey installation options.

To ensure you choose only the best safari tents in Australia, partner with Eco Tents Australia. For more information on our safari tents, simply give us a call at +61 7 3393 4880 or complete our online quote form, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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