4 Reasons to Invest in Eco Structures

4 Reasons to Invest in Eco Structures

Are you looking to jump into the fast-growing ecotourism industry or glamping industry? If you are, you’re making a wise decision. Due to international travel restrictions brought on by COVID-19, the ecotourism and glamping industries are riding high. Interest in these two industries has never been higher, which is why now’s the perfect time to start your new business venture.

Choosing between ecotourism and glamping can be one of the biggest hurdles in starting such a business. Are you going to offer glamping tents strictly, or are you going to provide niche eco-friendly accommodation? Deciding between the two is made easy with eco structures.

Today, we’re going to look at why you should invest in eco structures for either a glamping or ecotourism business.

What is an Eco Structure?

An eco structure in Australia is any structure made with the environment in mind. Reducing environmental impact is a significant element in the initial planning and design stage. It may be sustainable; it may use recyclable materials in its manufacturing; it may run off solar power. It will also likely blend into the surroundings, promoting harmony and balance.

The Eco Tent from Eco Tents Australia is one such eco structure. Its design promotes the environment and helps reduce our reliance on electricity. It offers large volumes of natural light and creates a cooling and warming system through its eco-friendly design. Additionally, the optional decking add-on is also sustainable, made from composite decking, which uses a high percentage of recycled materials.

The ecotourism and glamping industry are the largest customer bases for eco structure manufacturers in Australia; each industry is synonymous with promoting the environment and sustainability.

Why Choose an Eco Structure?

Marketing Possibilities

Whether you’re leaning towards ecotourism or glamping, want to pair the two, or know you want to be an ecotourism business or a glamping business, whatever you decide, being able to promote that you’re eco-friendly will be of great benefit. You will attract more customers, which means your business will be more successful.

Quality Manufacturing

When you look at the possible accommodation options for glamping, the manufacturing of the competition cannot stack up to an eco structure. Bell tents and teepees, which are the two main alternatives, are flimsy and offer very little support or reassurance that the design will provide longevity, let alone comfort to guests.

The Eco Tent is a robust Australian-made eco structure that requires construction. It has a foundation and a frame that supports the canvas. And, unlike bell tents and teepees, the frame of an eco structure maximises usable space as it is not conical in shape.

Learn more about the three types of accommodation options for glamping here.


When you look at the possible accommodation options for ecotourism businesses, the most common is an eco-cabin, which can be very expensive when you need 5 or 10, especially if you’re a start-up business.

Eco structures in Australia, like the Eco Tent, on the other hand, are very affordable. We offer flexible financing options available, which, as an example, can see a single tent investment of $25,000 paid off in just ten months.

Return on Investment

Of course, the above points are all great, but what really matters is your Return on Investment (ROI).

As mentioned above, you can repay a $25,000 investment in just ten months. But what I didn’t say is that you can yield a yearly income of $30,320 – FROM A SINGLE TENT. Times that by 5 or 10, and you have yourself a cracking business, whether it’s a glamping business or ecotourism business!


Eco structures in Australia, such as our range of Eco Tents are an excellent accommodation choice for the ecotourism and glamping industry.

Eco structures allow you to promote your business as being environmentally friendly, which is a great marketing tool today. They also offer better quality manufacturing and longevity to bell tents and teepees, they’re more affordable than eco-cabins, and they offer an excellent return on investment.

If you’d like to learn more about how our eco structures can help your business attract guests and reach a high return on investment, start by completing our online quote form.

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